Worx Inductions

Simple, transparent and cost effective induction.

Get the reporting you need by using Worx’s customisable User Type category. Assign tasks and run completion status reports for a complete picture of your users’ training and compliance, based on line of work, team, location, training module or project.

  • Expiry warnings emails

    Our system will send emails to both the person and the admin when anything is about to expire - insurances, builders license or anything else you want to track.

  • Available anywhere

    As the system is cloud based and mobile responsive, you can access your safety data anywhere with an internet connection and a phone or tablet. If Workcover have a question on site about one of your contractors, all the information is available with a couple of keystrokes.

  • Upload licenses

    You can upload any documents you want to track - insurance policies, licenses or anything else you might use in your business. All can have expiry dates and automatic warnings built in.

  • Generic inductions ready to go

    Don’t have a current induction and want to get compliant ASAP - we provide generic inductions that cover the most common workplace risks. This can be set up ready to go from day one.

  • features
  • features
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  • No more messy paperwork

    Available anywhere with an internet connection and a phone, the Worx system gets rid of filing cabinets full of paper spread across site offices. You now have all your safety documentation in one place, and everyone has the latest version.

  • Safety alerts and special notifications

    Need to send out a notice to all staff? Or one specific contractor need to be put on notice? Our Safety Alert function allows you to create a notice, choose who to send it to, then tracks when they open it. All time stamped and logged in the system.

  • Supervisor App

    The supervisor app gives a site supervisor access to all contractor details - what services they provide, status of all insurances as well as contact details. Simple access, available anywhere your phone works.

  • Simple search function

    Staff and contractor details, insurance policy expiry dates or a report on who has completed the latest site induction - these are all easy to retrieve in a couple of taps on the screen.

Optimised online induction software.

Deliver induction and safety training online for employees & contractors. Capture and track validity of licences & insurances.

Straightforward, pay-as-you-go pricing.

Simply choose a package to suit your usage and contact us via email or call 0420 995 605 for further information or a demo.


$199 per month

The first step for ensuring the workforce remains compliant across areas.

  • One (1) Induction
  • Up to 250 Employees and Contractors
  • Digital Toolbox Talks
  • All Features Included

Get in touch with us today Plans billed monthly. All prices in AU, excluding GST. We offer annual subscriptions with a 10% discount. Need help? Call us 0420 995 605


$349 per month

Leading induction software that allows you to personalise the process to what you need.

  • Up to five (5) Inductions
  • Up to 1000 Employees and Contractors
  • Digital Toolbox Talks
  • All Features Included

Get in touch with us today Plans billed monthly. All prices in AU, excluding GST. We offer annual subscriptions with a 10% discount. Need help? Call us 0420 995 605


Contact us or call 0420 995 605 for custom pricing

Have full control to create, edit and delete content to deliver induction however you want.

  • Unlimited Inductions
  • Unlimited Employees and Contractors
  • Digital Toolbox Talks
  • Custom Programming & API
  • Access to specialist Safety Consultant

Get in touch with us today Plans billed monthly. All prices in AU, excluding GST. We offer annual subscriptions with a 10% discount. Need help? Call us 0420 995 605

- Trusted and relied on by leading companies Australia wide -

  • First Nature
  • Riviera Pools
  • Living Image
  • Venture Chemicals
  • Nebo
  • MGN Projects
  • Object Electrical
  • Fitzmoore Group
  • Offshore Carpentry
  • Offshore Projects
  • Clean Hit Golf
  • Niche Building Solutions

Worx Inductions App

All subscribers get access to the free app for Android and iOS.

  • Available on the App Store
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find all the aswers here if you need them

Why do we need an induction system?

The Work Health and safety Regulation 2017 contains the following clauses:

[34] “A duty holder, in managing risks to health and safety, must identify reasonably foreseeable hazards that could give rise to risks to health and safety.”

[39] “The person must ensure that information, training and instruction provided to a worker is suitable and adequate..”


“The person must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the information, training and instruction provided under this clause is provided in a way that is readily understandable by any person to whom it is provided.”

What this means is that if you are the owner of a business, it is a requirement that you have a system in place to make your workers aware of the hazards as well as any controls that are in place to reduce them.

This is also required to be in a format that is easy to understand. A video induction meets both these requirements.

Does this comply with workcover / WHS requirements?


As above, our system meets the requirements of providing a training system for employees and contractors while also being in a readily understandable format.

Our standard inductions provide training in all of the generic hazards associated with most work environments. If there are additional hazards in your workplace, these must be addressed in your inductions.

What happens if my employee has an accident and we can't show an induction process?

If you have an incident that is investigated and you are unable to show that you have met the requirements in the WHS Regulations, you can be fined up to $6,000 as an individual, or $30,000 as a company.

Why is your system any better than others?

There are many ways that you can meet the requirements stated in the Regulations. A very common approach is a paper based system. Whilst such a system does meet the requirements, it can be very hard to manage (think sheets of paper spread across multiple site offices).

There are also some high end corporate versions of induction software that you can buy. These are great for companies with 100 or more staff and someone to manage the system.

The Worx Inductions platform was created specifically for small businesses. We have spent many years owning and working in small businesses and we understand how things work and what is important.

We have included everything that is needed to maintain a simple induction system, and nothing more.

Our platform is accessible anywhere with an internet connection, so you never again have to chase down the 12 signed bits of paper from Tuesday’s induction - the record is on your phone with 3 taps.

Can I add my own inductions?


We provide the platform for delivering the induction, you can provide the information.

Whether it is video, powerpoint, word documents or audio files, we can set these up in your online platform for employees to review.

We can also add quizzes to test your employee understanding based on your information.

I don't have time to create, can we use a template induction?

Yes, we have standard inductions available that cover the hazards in both an office environment as well as a site or construction environment.

Note that you are still required to address any additional hazards that are present in your workplace that are not covered in our standard inductions.

We can help with creating your inductions - just contact us to discuss.

How secure is our data?

We have the same data security standards as the likes of Dropbox or Mailchimp. See our data protection policy here.

Do I need special skills to manage this system?

Our system has been built from the ground up to be as simple as possible, while still meeting the requirements of the WHS Regulations.

After watching our straight forward help videos, you should be able to run the system without any help. We suggest less than an hour of familiarisation and training is required for the person(s) nominated as company admins.

Note that we are available by phone, email or chat if you do need support with anything.

Will this take extra resources to manage?

Our experience is that it will actually take significantly less resources from your company to manage your safety and induction system once you have our system on board.

Depending on the number of staff and contractors you manage, we have seen savings of up to 12 hours per week when transferring the data to the Worx system to be managed.

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